Thursday, December 12, 2019

Conspiracy theory about little ol' me

Yesterday I was contacted through Facebook by my friend, Sister Renee.  She wanted me to know that some concerned citizen out there thinks I've been disappeared.  Here is the All Points Bulletin sent out for Anna Valerious:

"Anna Valerious of Narcissists Suck on Blogger, excellent blog we have promoted for years. We have been waiting on the "Internet Crimes Unit" for years now, so this is publicly posted out of concern. The "Internet Crime Unit" hasn't done us one bit of discernible good. On the contrary, our pages are hijacked, redirected, hacked up, etc. So, maybe someone is aware of some effective law enforcement somewhere because we sure as hell haven't been able to find any here. - KC3"

Then they posted a nicely made banner with this text at the bottom"

"Did those who call good evil and evil good, force this excellent blog master we (DoNM SoNM) have all learned so much from, into revealing her identity on her blog, her pen name for the perpetrators she so eloquently and comprehensibly exposed on her blog to pursue liability. "

I would post the banner in this post, but it messes up my formatting.  

Okay, here is the list of concerns as I read it:  
1)  My blog has been possibly hijacked, redirected or hacked up.
2)  My identity has been revealed by force...
3)  For the purpose of litigation by those I have blogged about.  

First of all, my sincere thanks for the compliments on my blog.  I recognize that the concern for my well being is kindly meant.  My post here today is my sincere effort to allay all these concerns.  I'm still alive and well.  No one in my family has ever found my blog.  No one has ever tried to sue me.  My blog is still in my full control and hasn't been hijacked.  No one who doesn't have control of the blog can post on it.  So, concerned citizens, please know that you need have no worry on my account.  

I blogged intensively for a little over three years.  I more or less retired the blog in 2009.  I posted a number of times after I stopped blogging with any regularity.  My life has changed dramatically in the last six years.  Among those changes I started working and am very busy.  My family of origin isn't causing any problems for me.  I'm still happily married to my loving husband.  I have three cats and my daughter has been grown and living on her own for a number of years now.  She lives nearby, and we see her often.  I don't dwell on the subject of narcissism because I have no narcissists in my life!  All were served eviction notices and peace reigns.  

This blog is still moderated by ME.  Not nearly as many comments come through, but any that do must still be approved by me.  If someone had asked about me in a comment, I could have answered their concerns via the blog long ago since I do see all comments.  Keep that in mind for the future.  

Wishing everyone a happy narcissist-free life!