Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Narcissistic Mother

Many people are directed to my blog by Google as they search for "characteristics of narcissistic mothers". It seems there are too many characteristics to list, but someone has managed to capture a good picture of the beast. I direct you to Sanctuary for the Abused. Check out the post for Sunday, September 2, 2007 for a detailed description of the many and varied ways of the narcissistic mother. The narcissistic mother is a special beastie all her own. Read it and weep...or laugh. Whichever mood strikes.


Anonymous said...

This is the article about narcissistic mothers I've found the most helpful:

Hope this helps,

Anna Valerious said...

Yes, that is a site I have found very helpful, too. The post I am pointing to on Sanctuary for the Abused takes the points from the site you referenced and greatly expands on them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna!

nickyskye said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you for creating this excellent blog! I loved your excellent and powerful essay on Narcissistic Mothers as well as your questions list.

Best wishes from a fellow recovering ACON,
Nicky (nickyskye)