Monday, January 05, 2009

A Gift for Ya'll

Yes, I'm going to give you a gift. It is called LibriVox. I stumbled on this site a couple of months ago and have already derived many, many hours of pleasure from it.

It is a site that is making available to audio all the books in the public domain. It is a volunteer effort. If you enjoy having books read to you via your Mp3 player then run to their catalog and download one! Not all the readers are equally gifted, but it is still a great service. I am especially fond of Karen Savage as a reader. She does Pride and Prejudice and the first three of the Anne of Green Gables books. If you see Karen's name you're in for a great reading! I listened to the entirety of The Count of Monte Cristo (117 chapters and 50 hours of audio). I had a hard time with some of the accents of several of the readers intermittently for the first couple dozen chapters but things smoothed out after that.

I love LibriVox and am spreading the love to you.



Anonymous said...

My honey says thanks a lot!! He's a big books on tape fan!! great info to pass along!!

Holland said...

What a great idea. For sure I will use it, and my son too since he has dyslexia.
Thanks very much, I really appreciate this.