Monday, April 16, 2007

Diary of a Teenage Runaway

On a blog titled "Violent Acres", V has told a story in three parts of her life with an extremely malignant narcissist. Not that she calls her mother a narcissist. I am calling her mother a narcissist.

The horrendous treatment V received from her mother is everyday stuff for children of narcissists. For people who don't have a clue what it is to be raised by a narcissist they choose to believe the child is lying, exaggerating and otherwise horrible for saying such things. V describes the overwhelming loneliness and desperation borne of not being believed. No salvation for a child who is nearly powerless to stop the torment. The Geneva Convention demands better treatment for prisoners of war than what V was experiencing at the hand of her so-called mother. If you are a child of a narcissist, you'll believe the narrative of V because you'll recognize the beast.

What children of narcissists need to heal their souls is that at least one person in the world believes them.

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Anonymous said...

Read the story. I am glad for me it is only emotional abuse. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would say that this world is great when things like that happen everyday and most people just ignore it!

Those police officers.... It just makes me want to yell in their face to wake up. It is awful when someone suffers in such a way and then they are accused of taking drugs and getting pregnant when they did no such thing.