Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recommended website and book

The website I would like to recommend is titled: Cosmicwalk - Help for victims of abusive parents and partners/Child abuse/Wife Abuse.

If you are a Christian, or even if you are no longer practicing as a Christian but have a Christian background, this site can be particularly helpful to you. Christians, and those with Christian backgrounds, have extra challenges in overcoming the effects of abuse because of the way many people have distorted God's character, His law, His love. Christians have obstacles in their way when it comes to breaking free from abusers and being able to heal their minds. The author of this website has clearly wrestled with the issues unique to Christians and come out of the side where the light and healing are.

Even if you are not dealing with the special challenges of Christians there is much helpful information and perspective here for you too.

On a related subject, the book I would like to recommend is for those of you who are dealing with spiritual abuse either in your church or home. The book is titled, "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse; Recognizing and escaping spiritual manipulation and false spiritual authority within the church" by Jeff VanVonderen and David Johnson. I read this book about two years before I came to understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Even without understanding NPD this book enabled me to deal with spiritual abusers and their powerful emotional clubs. Believe me, there is a linkage between spiritual abusers and NPD. I was not only dealing with spiritual abuse in the church, I had come to recognize the spiritual abuse my Nmother was a virtuoso in. The most helpful aspect of this book is in teaching you how to recognize where true spiritual authority comes from. Believe me, it isn't coming from the abuser! A very practical, clear, helpful book. This book will not add to the abuse or to your already heavy emotional burdens. I highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with, or who has ever dealt with, spiritual abuse. Once you have the tools to recognize and deal with it, you'll never be victimized this way again.

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